• This is a pre-order sites.
  • All items are 100% imported from Korea.
  • Pictures display are 100% same with the actual item.
  • No refund will be given once order have been made.
  • Refund is allowed IF items ordered is out of stock or delivered the wrong sizes.
  • No exchange is allowed if you can't fit the shoe.
  • Waiting period is about 4 days AFTER the pre-order closed.
  • BEWARE: if you saw other website that are selling the same shoes as this website with the price LOWER than RM120, then it is NOT an original shoes. Might be imitation from China. Meaning that those shoes with low quality. So if you want to have a quality shoes like you saw in this website, then buy the ORIGINAL one!

Simple & easy rules!

Enjoy Shopping.


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